How to use ‘Forum’ on Linda Ikeji Social

One of the most beneficial functions on LIS is the ‘Forum’. It is like a free classified ad section. You can do whatever you want on the LIS ‘Forum’ page. The multi-faceted utility value of the ‘Forum’ page is enormous. provides users with the Forum page to create and start discussions on virtually any topical issue. Let’s try it out!

  1. First, Sign in to If you have created an account, SIGN IN with your USERNAME AND PASSWORD. If you do not have an account click on ‘Create one for free’ to create an account. Enter your sign up details and you will get a verification email. Go to your email account to verify your new LIS account. Once verified you would gain access to SIGN IN with your USERNAME and PASSWORD.
  2. So you just logged into your account on LIS. Now you are on your wall. Just scroll down the functions tab items on the left side of your device screen. It is the seventh item and lies between ‘Activities’ and ‘Settings’.

iii.               Click on the ‘FORUM’ tab.

  1. You will see three tabs displayed: CATEGORIES, FIND A TOPIC & WRITE SOMETHING

CATEGORY: So you can pick what category of topic you want to look through. The Category drops down the different topic headings under Forum. If you are looking for anything in particular just click the Category it falls under and all related material will display instantly.

FIND A TOPIC: it is the search bar, for you to find what you are looking for easily. Just type a name or a related word and the options will display instantly.

WRITE SOMETHING: where you can post your own interest and material.

  1. So now let us assume you want to post your new material. Just click on ‘WRITE SOMETHING’.
  2. A ‘Rules & Principles’ page will pop up. Make sure you read the rules carefully before clicking ‘I Agree’.

vii.             Fill in the form as listed below.

Category: On the drop down tab with the prompt: ‘Select Topic Category’, select the category under which your intended Topic for discussion falls under. Eg: ‘Education’

Title: On the second tab, add the title for the topic as indicated with the prompt “Topic Title“. Eg: ‘How to pay your own undergraduate school fees working as a private tutor!!!’

Description:  This is where you present your wonderful idea in short and clear terms. Remember, nobody is paying for anybody’s internet data. Don’t write a book. Just make it as interesting as possible.

Image: To upload picture(s) click on the red camera icon which has the prompt ‘Add Image’ you’re your mouse cursor hovers on it. Click and select your desired picture from your saved files on your device. To upload multiple pictures at once select all from your source file folder then click and pictures would be attached.

Terms & Conditions/Continue : Accept our terms and conditions by ticking the box under your pictures. Then click “Create Topic” and you topic for discussion would go up under the specified category in Forum.


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