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According to the dictionary, dream is define as the feeling or wish to be or do something, especially one that seems difficult to achieve. Dream is a series of images, events and feelings in the mind of an individual pictured and store but dream need to be converted to real life situations or it may be a burden to the heart of the dreamer.

Every idea starts with a dream. Everything you have, or everything you will ever have, is the product of someone’s dream. We were all born with desires, a hunger and a dream, a longing for something. At birth we all receive three things from our creator; a talent or seed, a dream and a mandate.

This is the mandate: Use your dream and turn your seed into a garden. However, we must have a dream before we think about turning it into a reality. So for a moment, pause; think and ask yourself “what is my dream?”. When we here Bilgate we remember computer, when we here Henry Ford we remember automobile, find a dream you want people to remember you for and cherish it. “Hold on to your dreams for dreams die they become like a broken winged bird that cannot fly” ( Langston hugles ).


This is the process of creating the visible from the invisible; it is the process of giving wings to our dreams and substance to our hope. As powerful as dreams are, they are not just enough to change of human history. The idea of dream conversion is to empty ourselves and impoverish the graveyard.


Three factors prevent people from implementing their dreams;

1. Fear.  2. Energy.  3. Attitude.

Ø  FEAR: Fear keeps people in the desert of under achievement. Some are afraid of failure; what is it to you would you do if you are guarantee of success? Why are you not doing it now? It’s more honorable to fail attempting something than to succeed at doing nothing. Others are afraid of being themselves; these steps from a deep-seated insecurity about our capability and potentials and often leads crises of identity where we surrender our originality and give a short time at been someone else.

Ø  ENERGY: They book of proverbs says “whatever your hand finds to, do it with your whole might”. In business as in life, some struggles are won in a moment; others are stretch over a life time, however, don’t give up. I agree with Robert Half who said “hard work without talent is a shame, but talent without hard work is a tragedy”.

Ø  ATTITUDE: Life offers a multiple of variables. Your attitude is under your control. It is not determined by the facts in your circumstances but the faith in the interpretation of the facts.

Do you have a dream, is there that thing you have always wanted to be, do or have lets get started.


 When you have a dream and conquered you fears and you have acquire the right energy level and positive attitude, the next step is to “do it the way you like” as stated by AronA Yolyboy in one of his songs and William A Ward who started in his word; “plan purposefully, prepare prayerfully, proceed positively and pursue persistently and I agreed with them.

I hope these little tips and contributions of mine when blended with yours will help you in achieving that precious dream of yours, I wish you success in your endeavors.


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