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  To all the girls, ladies and women out there who are still not aware of their power of choice and their pride, when you are about to meet a new guy, you should remember that there are some typical and simple lies and pick up lines boys, guys and men use

to deceive you with just to get you into bed or nasty show with them so it left to you to keep them somewhere that can be easily reachable in case you fall a victim;

  1.  I have never done it before:  this is a trick and you better run away from that trap before it’s too late especially in a party, during a first date or somewhere near a bed. A guy will not let you know he is a womanizer so he will tell that he never do random hook ups. Of course, his next victim will hear the same thing; it is just a way to make you feel special.

  2.  Nobody will know about it:  Some men will do everything possible to get a girl into bed so if you were worried that everyone will know about your hook up, he will promise that he will keep it a secret but he will even start bragging about it to his friends in your presence because secrets don’t stay hidden for long especially a negative one.

  3.  I am single:  If a guy really wants to seduce you, he is not going to take any risk. Of course if he tells you he has a girlfriend then he will lose you. So this is one of the top line men uses when actually they are in a relationship, so it is up to you to make a decision what to believe and not to believe.

  4.  I am rich/I have a great job:  Since some girls are attracted to guys with higher income, so they think that bigger wallet can impress you. He will lie about his incomes and his job, and tell you everything to make his self-look as a better man. Some even borrow their friend’s cloths to display in your presence, the poor girls with who like material things are those mostly affected by this.

  5.  You are the best:  Though it’s a constant complement, he will make it in a way that it sounds so genuine and get you buttered up, he may even tell that he is in love with you so you would let him kiss you and from there hmmm… especially if it’s somewhere close to a bed or in a locked room, don’t trust everything from that mouth.

  6.  I just wanna hug you:  who can say no to a good cuddle, it is always to feel the closeness and it can easily lead to something more intimate, it can be possible that he is just a romantic person but he can use hug as an excuse to get closer to you as well to accomplish his mission.

Just hope you got this to your head and have it saved before it’s too late and for guys sorry for the open up but you can still invent new ones to keep the river flowing.


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