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Are you one of those people who have ravaged their entire life time doing things which they themselves know they don’t like/love doing? Since it’s something of no choice, you don’t enjoy doing it, you don’t feel happy doing it and it is something that is not worth talking about or discussing with your friends, neighbors or even strangers because it is something that has destroy your dignity, devalued your presence in life and in places you deserve to be recognized.

Are you ready to be among the people who wants to set new goals, aims and principles to see that they change their lives from been losers to achievers , you now wants to start doing things you love and things that will bring you happiness, joy, respect and fulfillment or every other thing your aim may be or are you that person who came about this article by accident and finds it worth skimming through, keep reading and I’m sure you will find something that will help you in one way or the other.

arona- aron a- yolyboy

First, you have to know the most important and most powerful thing that can change a whole life around and make a person new again; and that thing is “love”. Love has been talked about and written about by many philosophers, great thinkers, religion and even by every human being; love has been talked about and practiced. So in what so ever it is that you want to do, be or have; you have to first love it because when you love you are attracting and when something is attracted to you, you don’t have to work the hardest or stress up it, you just always feel good and happy knowing that, that thing is already yours.

What is it you really want? Is it to change your life? Is it to get what you have always loved, cherished and adored? Or to live someone or something you don’t like/love?. Whatever it is that you want, love can solve it. Just focus on the things you appreciates about that thing you love because anything we focus on, we do create and what so ever we create is what we are doom to experience. When carrying out this exercise, don’t let your thoughts, actions, words or surroundings contradicts your desires and aims rather, love and love and love… always feel good because feeling have a very big role to play in our life dealings, take for instance you want a perfect relationship and you then go ahead to break up someone’s relationship just to satisfy your own desires, you can’t make yourself happy only to find out that you are guilty of hurting someone because you give love to get love and it’s something that has to flow natural.

Always focus on giving, making and expressing don’t border what the result may be, you will reach a certain point where you will see the power of love lavishing to the fullest in your life. Remember, you only give when you have enough already so first fill up yourself or you will have nothing to give out. You can look at it this way; an empty tank has no water in it to pass out or give to a smaller container so when you are empty, don’t think of giving if you don’t want to always be getting hurt at the end of every event because you mind will always have a second thought of it.Jennifer

It’s time to stop regretting always, stop been unhappy, stop doing what you don’t love and begin to always smile, be your own self, be around people you love, be around people who know your and always remember to show love as much as you breath. Hope this has contributed to your quest of change and revolution, wish you success and bet of luck.

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