Most of real life success stories involve everyday people who discover that it takes to make it and get ahead doing what they love. It’s unfortunate that so many people who pursue certain goals in certain endeavors never make much or never attain success at it just because of various minor obstacles and guiltiness such as ;                                                                                                                                             Tradition tells them that the only way to realistically make good living is through tried and through doing things they are not thrilled with.                                                                                                                      Friends influenced them to the extent of enforcing decisions on them due to low self-esteem.                       And all other Societal, Religious, Environmental, Psychological etc… vices

I’m right now coming up right to your face with some advices on the things you need to consider about yourself in any condition, situation or life endeavor you find yourself in:

Why not start making a way for a good living doing what excites you, if your desire is strong enough, if you educate yourself and come up with a game plan, you can do anything you want.                                   Whatever your passion is, you will find what you need by putting into use your most valuable instrument which is; “YOUR BRAIN”.


In whatever life endeavor you are pursuing, don’t limit your thinking to where someone stop but start from where someone stop, think out of the box and that’s why they will lose as you gain because there are many ways you can tab in the lucrative life biz so it’s your job to find where you fit and go get it. I can here you persist in your saying, ”but aren’t there countless number of people who never get above poverty level in the field I’m flaying for”?. Yes there are but don’t  let that sad and negative fact get you down because nobody is born into it, it’s just about conscious decisions to do so and then taking actions necessary to make it happen.                                                                                                                                       Some never take actions because they think they can’t make it, they are not capable, not good enough, it takes money to make money, they have no connections because they believe it’s about who you know, who knows you and not about what you know… Don’t be so quick to make such limiting believes part of your philosophy. The solution is to seek for help or minor connections of same field from success ones and start with the little you have and you will gradually grow. Ask people around and know what they see in your mistakes/problems and developments so you know your stands and one day, you shall be celebrating your dreams somewhere at the top there.


There are three (3) keys to creating satisfaction as you do what you always like and love to do in life;

Ø  You are what you think:

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 Don’t care about what they say for instance they will say look at that starving writer, blogger, musician, artist etc… and yet they are among the poorest people around. Remember if you tell yourself something is not enough, it become a self-fulfilling prophesy. The key is programing yourself for success and stop thinking and uttering thoughts of limitation and think of boundless possibilities and watch what sort of reward come your way in life. A good mental technique of programing your thoughts is to use daily affirmations to remind you of your goals and keep focused on achieving them.

Ø  You get what you want by helping others get what they want:

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 You should be a full time business minded person. Being successful in any field or endeavor especially in fields/areas of skills and talent which require the use of the brain and creativity, means the products you specialize in adds real value to your customers so make your customers know that what they get from you is worth more than what they give for it. Make sure you have a firm grasp on what the people who pay you get of dealing with you and you will know how to promote your special area/field and how to make your customers to keep coming back while referring you to others, concentrate on what you are giving to the people who pay you or bring money on your way.

Ø  Develop an attitude that allow you to attain success, achieve your goals, make money and have fun while doing it:


  The problem is, many deal with success/money in a very stressful way/situation. The enjoy to only keep receiving and don’t want to give, the alerts keep ringing and you are happy but the rent is due and it time for equipment payment, is time to scrape together the cash to see the van fixed then they frown, for some, making money is associated with scrambling under painful circumstances-not fun. No wonder people become cynical about it. Giving/paying should also be fun not just receiving/getting.


Above all, pray and pray and pray because working without praying is like playing without knowing.                                                                                                                                                     

 Keep your mind open, your aim high then make it a reality and when it happen, don’t forget to remember AronAblog for it little contribution wish you success in your future endeavors. Hahaha 

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