AronA Yolyboy clocks one year doing music (8).

  It’s a whole day of fun discussing with AronA Yolyboy on the day Saturday, 20th of December which was the day the Yolyboy AronA turns a year old in in music as he shared with us all his musical experiences so far, his achievements and everything pertaining music/entertainment including his passed life, present life and feature life/plans with reference to the time before he started music and the time when he started music.                                                                                                                                             

  Speaking on his life before he started music;

He shared that life before he started music was fun, sweet, free, simple and cool and that as of then, he    only sing alone for fun in a room close to his apartment which called his “rehearsal world” because it in the room that he used to almost every day especially during vocations sing and dance which always make him happy and always on point. What made that period more fun was that AronA never glanced into even a studio door or window so he was always like go crazy whenever he imagine and thinks of the time when he will work on his own song.                                                                                                                                                                               Elaborating more on the topic, he also spoke on his personal life and how he coped with shyness, lack of confidence and some of the family issues he earlier faced like his family members stopping him from singing especially when there are guests in their house. He concluded that it was fun and really a moment that is worth remembering and talking about because such experiences are what prepared him for today.

  Speaking on life doing music;

After a period of laughter, he started by saying; wow, it’s just wow. AronA’s life has totally turned around as he from then don’t only sing what they sang but now sing what he sang and it’s what has been his biggest dream and flay in life. It’s really amazing that AronA’s dreams are finally coming through as he right now because of his talent have started meeting people whom he had always seen as his mentors, celebrities and people who he never thought he can ever sit down and discuss things with but they today they even holla at him and not just that, doing music gave him the access code to places he never knew he could easily enter  or such as radio stations, big studios, events venues etc… which he had always dreamt of sometimes back in life.                                                                                                                                        In conclusion, he made it known that doing music has brought satisfaction, happiness and fulfillment in his life. It increases his level of confidence, self-esteem, his rate of hard work and engagements. Music really made him complete and finally, he promised to put in his best so that what he enjoyed and love doing is not only loved and enjoyed by himself alone but also by others around him and around the globe.

  Speaking about his feature musical plans and dreams;


He first said that he will always put in his best to see that he is bringing out and putting out the best of himself, his music and his creativity. Talking about his plans, he amazed me that since he had right now worked with four of the most credible and best producers in town, he has meet with almost all the music taikoons in town, he has been on the best radio station in town, he has performed in various in town and since he has had many positive, reactions, encouraging comments, advices, guidance and support from artistes, producers, music fans and music lovers around. He feels it’s time to take it to the next level and see what the result will be though we know by God’s grace, it’s still going to be positive but only time can tell of it. He also leaked a plan of working on new songs early next year and they are gonna be hot.

  His patting words and advice;

He advised that all artists should keep believing in there selves and keep doing their best, keep been creative, don’t mind what they say and the door will be finally open for their entrance and to all lovers of AronA’s music, AronA love you too.

  All we can do is to wish AronA Yolyboy success in his music endeavors and perfect and wonderful more years in the music biz and also a perfect celebration. We love you t…

“Greetings of the season to all you good people”.

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