Why AronA choose music as a career

aronayolyboy.yolasite.com (8).

Aaron Anthony a.k.a AronA a sensational POP/RnB recording artist whose style of music and voice are the yardstick of his fast musical attainments while explaining how he became a music lover and why he choose music over all the skills and talents he got as his career said; “music is what he has always loved doing, music is what he wants to do and music is what he will always do because it is what he feels he has flair for and because doing music brings to him more joy and happiness”.      

AronA’s early ambition was to become a footballer due to the environmental and peer group influences because as he pointed out that they back then play football for almost seven hours daily especially on weekends and vocations but later on in life, he realized he has more flair for music than football though he is good at both. He then started developing his talents and musical skills which made him joined four couple friends of his until the year 2014 when he released debut single “Mr Dj” and hence forth, AronA has really been proving his talents and creativity in a unique and acceptable way.     (YOLYWORLD)    http://www.aronayolyboy.yolasite.com   


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