Sweet Nene lyrics

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Sweet Nene is a track that comprises of a very fast tempo beat style, a love lyric that describes how sweet Nene is and also tells the sweet things Nene can do. I’m sure that girl AronA refer to as sweet Nene most be somewhere smiling all day and night for such a great song to be about her and how she makes the Yolyboy feels, and to sweet Nene, please keep making AronA feel more so he can do more of it because we need more of him and his music. 

Enjoy the lyrics and follow the link to download sweet Nene



I’m back again


     CHORUS 2x:

Sweet Nene

Sweet Nene

You dey kill me

Sweet Nene

Sweet Nene

With your love oh

Sweet Nene

Sweet Nene

I dey feel you

Sweet Nene

Swear wallahi

You are my one ne

     STAND 1:

Sweet Nene tide

Her body is too tide

She tide and she moi

Her love is sweeting me like Kane

I love the way she dey

Dey topping on the list

And other girls dey

I swear na she be number one

HOOK 2x:

She gety backa

She fity dance dance

She fity work

My head dey beat

Pom pom pom



     STAND 2:

The way that you are

Gat me thinking all night

The way that you love

Gat me feeling all right

The way that you hold

Never live me lonely

Oh my gosh even girls

Holla at ya


     STAND 3; 2x:

I’m never dolling

Sweet Nene love me

I’m never dolling

One nem love me



Click below to download sweet Nene



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