“Sweet Nene” is a hit love song to this beautiful ethereal lady, he is describing as sweet Nene and it gives a clear view that AronA loves everything about her and even the song itself, well here is what I gathered after questioning him in a brief interview on this song “Sweet Nene”.

Q1. What can you say about the song “Sweet Nene” that you think I should know?

Yea actually sweet Nene is a love song but it’s not just a love song but a reality love song that captures many of those moments and facts that make her indeed super and reveal an existential fact of how love transforms me and how my life became full of fun, joy and happiness.

Q2. What made you sing the song “Sweet Nene” in reference to her?

Men! Everything because when I earlier started music it was the worst thing ever in my life, when no one is there to encourage me, no one is there to support me but when I met this beautiful and charming young sweet lady, I felt loved, lucky, determined and blessed so I think I have to appreciate her and also use the inspiration I got from her to add a step to my career which I’m currently enjoying.

Q3. Can you tell me about the Sweet Nene herself?

Hahaha… yes I can of course, she is a sweet lady who had never put anything else (living/non-living) in the world above me Hahaha… she’s got a smile that heals me, don’t know why but I have to laugh when she reveals because she always make me feel special, she comes to me when I’m feeling down, inspires me without sound and I always got turn around whenever we go crazy in love.

Q4. What made you into her this much?

Ah! Wow!! I may sound crazy right now but it’s really real that she don’t just say but she also do everything she says, she is always doing and proving not just the saying and talking things. She is a hard to get kind of girl and hard to loose kind of girl as well.

Q5. How is she to you?

Dem!! She is a field of flowers on a warm fragrant night; she is a best friend, lover and the best special thing in my world. Some of her love lines that always gat me high are; I will be yours until the sun stops to shine, I will love you till the time stand still, we are meant for perfect love, I will love you forever, just many of them.

Q6. Lastly AronA, can you tell me where she is right now before your patting words?

Hahaha… she is in my heart Hahaha… I’m saying a big shout out to all lovers of AronA, shout out to “YOLYMUZIK”, and shout out to “Mrs. Dj” my “sweet Nene” finally a very big thanks to you Maria Fusty for the wonderful interview. I LOVE YOU ALL.    (MARIA FAUSTY-YOLYWORLD)


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